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Am I Using The Best Oil?

Are you changing your oil often enough? Too often? Is that synthetic oil really worth it? A decade ago, the commercial multi-weight oils on the market were similar. We didn't see much difference in the various brands, and the only real choice for consumers was the grade. Then synthetics were introduced, as were many types of oil additives. Suddenly the question of what to put into your engine became more complicated. 

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Virgin Oil Testing 5w20 Synthetic Oils

Used Oil Test Results

Oil analysis can identify any problems developing in your engine long before they cause you an expensive headache. Or maybe you'd just like to get a good look at the microscopic wear your engine is producing. Can you run a fill of oil longer than 3000 miles? Are your oil and air filters doing a good job? We can answer these questions and more when you submit a sample of your engine oil for analysis.

Blackstone Labs Testing
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