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What Powers Your Drive?


Every Job Can Be a DIY Job.

An auto repair problem is something nobody wants. But after so many miles, auto parts wear out and fail, and have to be replaced. All vehicles also require a certain amount of maintenance like oil and filter changes, new brake linings, tires and so on. Whether you choose to do the auto repairs yourself or to take your vehicle to a repair shop or dealership, it is always a good idea to learn as much as possible about any auto repairs that might be needed beforehand.

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MACT Information By Generation and Category

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MACT Informtion By Generation


Gen 1 Ford Edge 2007-2010
Gen 1.5 Ford Edge 2011-2014
Gen2 Ford Edge 2015-2018

Here you will find MACT specific parts and merchandise to keep your Edge Powered and Moving On Down The Road. Click the appropriate Edge picture above to be transported to your Edge Parts section.



MACT is an acronym or better described as my military rank in the US Navy.  My primary designation was law enforcement.  My specialty was criminal investigator.   MAC is the US Navy identification of designation and rank.  MAA is Master-At-Arms which is noted as the oldest designation in the US Navy.  The designations change according to rank so you would have MA3, MA2, MA1, MAC, MACS and MACM.  I retired as an E-7 which is MAC.   Where did the T come from?   Easy.  The first Letter of my last name “Trammell”  Thus you have MACT.   The MACT was how my Sailors would address me thus it stuck.

How did MACTFORDEDGE on youtube start?   I had purchased a 2008 Ford Edge SE (Orange Crush) FWD with the 3.5 Duratec in December of 2010.  I initially was like most people and paid large amounts of money to perform maintenance and since the cost was high I neglected the maintenance or held off stretching each procedure.   I was driving this Edge 50-60K miles a year and then I lost my job!!!  I started a new job within 4 weeks, but the Edge needed a lot of work and like all new jobs money was tight.  Lack of funds then started my dive into DIY.  Learning to repair the Edge was some trial and error but the Orange Crush was a great learning platform as I researched and read the more I learned.   I learned a lot from Youtube and decided I would build a channel and thus created my first video with a cell phone on how to change the PCV without removing the intake manifold and was successful. MACTFORDEDGE on youtube now has over 320 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX repair and maintenance videos as of February 2018.


The next step?  I was in the forums and facebook groups that concentrated on the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX.  I started posting my Youtube repair videos on these facebook groups and forums.   I was enjoying sharing my knowledge and helping others repair their Edge and MKX on these groups. As time progressed I also learned that other DIY Youtubers had social media matching their youtube channels and I then created my own Facebook closed group MACT Ford Edge in March of 2016.  The Facebook group I created grew rapidly at over 1000 member a year and now as of March 2018 had over 2100 members.  The MACT Ford Edge facebook group is the fastest growing Ford Edge and MKX specific group in Facebook.  The Facebook group was also the catalyst for the MACT stickers and T-shirts as a way for members to show support and be part of the “FAMILY”  Thus the new “What Powers Your Drive?” was also created.


Evolution and desire to improve the Facebook experience meant that Facebook is great for short term experiences and quick responses, but lacks some organization and coordination of information.  The growth and ever increasing demand for organized easy to read access to parts and information was needed and required to help the growing FAMILY of Edge/MKX  group members.  This is why the MACT Garage was created.  The MACT Garage is designed to meet the needs of the members and community for organized information and provide quick easy access to repair information and parts.  Video links to help with the repairs and learn how to repair your Ford.  The MACT Garage is more than just the Edge/MKX it is and will continue to expand and cover Ford vehicles of different models and years.   The MACT Garage is designed to grow with the group and other Ford models. 


Sadly, Facebook has made it near impossible to continue using their pages for our efforts. We have decided to migrate to the MeWe platform instead.  

To communicate with Bill or ask questions please join the MACT MeWe Group via the Social Media Page.

Direct links to join:



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Enjoy some of Bill's Favorite energy food for the day.

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